Dr. Mitchell writes from the perspective of a curious child. Why do things work the way they do? What does God look like? What happens to us after we die? Where do we go? What is life all about anyway? Those are some of the questions that haunted her as a child. Questions, that never seemed to be answered in any satisfactory way. So Mitchell spent much of her adult life searching for answers, searching for a life philosophy that was consistent in all of its parts. Most of her books and manuscripts reflect the answers she found in searching for that philosophy. Of course, some questions, will always remain unanswered. Mitchell's other works, Cost Analysis of Library Functions: A Total System Approach, and ALMS: A Budget Based Library Management System, were published by JAI Press of Greenwich, Connecticut. She is also the author of numerous articles in professional journals.
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Author Gayel Pitchford is a contest award winning old-time fiddler and concertmaster of the Tehachapi Community Orchestra. She is Fiddlin’ Red Hattie in the old-time fiddle band Fiddlin’ Red Hattie and the Friends of Hattie Band, which plays for parties, shows, and dances in southern California. Pitchford has a Bachelor of Arts degree in American studies from California State University-Los Angeles and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Redlands. After a long career in the corporate world (with music always as her avocation), she took a very early retirement and moved to Tehachapi, California, where music is now her vocation. She teaches all her violin, viola, cello, and bass students to fiddle. She is State Director for District 3 of the California State Old Time Fiddlers Association, a member of the American String Teachers Association (ASTA), and first violin in the string quartet Four with a Score. Her love of Forrester’s music inspired her to write this long overdue book about his enormous contributions to country music.
"Magoo", (M.M. Dragoo) as her friends sometimes refer to her, is a dedicated adventurer. Her trip around the U.S. in1981-82 was not her first lengthy adventure, nor was it her last. Prior to the 10 month trip around the U.S., described in How to See the U.S. on $12 a Day, Magoo spent six weeks traveling in Europe, once falling asleep on a train and awakening to find herself behind the Iron Curtain. Undaunted by missteps and adversities, Magoo set out on another 10 month sojourn to see the U.S. in 2000-01. Unfortunately, she missed three states, so the lure of adventure is calling once again. The question is, what will become of Magoo when the encounters of those states are fading into memory? Perhaps, she will write a book !
Dee Dee McWilliams - A self described "Ozarks Hillbilly", McWilliams longed to share her experiences of the early 1900's and the depression years. She worried that young people of today were missing the knowledge needed to live a self-sufficient lifestyle, so she wrote, Yesterday's Lifestyles, Today's Survival to try and encourage them to learn more of the "old time" ways. Like many of us, she was concerned that another depressed economy would occur in the future and people would not know how to survive it. Her love of the Missouri Ozarks shines throughout the book. McWilliams died in 1992.
PJ Pokeberry is a wise and very feisty 'possum who hangs by her tail from tree limbs, peers into windows of local houses, and observes the activities of those living inside. Sometimes she is disturbed by what she sees, particularly when young people are involved, and often tries to help. But Pokeberry is hampered by the fact that she only speaks "possumese". Fortunately, she has access to a metaphysical frog named "Ribbit", who provides her with the wisdom of the universe as it applies to the problems at hand. She also has a human friend named "Beej" with whom she communicates telepathically. Beej helps her problem solving by putting Ribbit's wisdom into written form for distribution to the young people. Pokeberry is full of love and caring, and she tries hard to help others by sharing Ribbit's spiritual philosophy. There is, of course, always a twinkle in her eyes. She lives to this day on the edge of an unknown forest in an unidentifiable section of the U.S..