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I- Recognize that you are unique. You can’t be exactly like anyone else, and no one else can be exactly like you. Honor that uniqueness. Most of us go through life trying to be just like everyone else. When we can’t be, we think there is something wrong with us, instead of remembering that we are not supposed to be just like anyone else. Each of us is unique. II- Accept the fact that you aren’t perfect, and neither is anyone else. But focus on those parts of you that are your strengths, and develop them to the fullest extent possible. Work on your less than perfect areas too, but don’t dwell on them. View them as just something to work on. III- Establish your values early in your life, and live by them. Begin with a deep respect for life, and for everything that God created—for the animals, for the world around you, and especially for people. Respect God’s creations as you would respect God. IV- Keep the Bible's Ten Commandments by your bedside and read them each night before you go to sleep. These are universal values that will serve you well throughout your lifetime. "Don’t kill anyone, don’t steal, don’t lie, love your neighbor, and honor your parents." These are basic values that are required for self-esteem. V- Never do something just because everyone else is doing it. Self-esteem is simply knowing that you have done your very best to keep your actions consistent with your values—to walk away from pressures applied by others to get you to abandon your own values and accept theirs. People want others to accept their values because it validates them. Don’t act on values that are contrary to your own. VI- Respect yourself. It is tempting to believe that you get respect from others by doing what they want you to do. They might pretend to like you if you do what they want you to do, but they won’t respect you. And they won’t like you for very long either, because we can’t really like someone we don’t respect. So, if you want respect from others, you must respect yourself. VII- Use your talents. Every person comes into the world with a talent for something. We are not all destined to compose great symphonies, or to write a best-seller, or to invent the world’s greatest bread slicer. But if we listen to our inner voices, we will be guided to excel at something. And if we pursue that direction vigorously, our self-esteem will soar. VIII- Create beauty in your life in every way possible. If you are familiar with the Bible’s Old Testament, you will remember that God created a Garden of Eden for humans. Somehow, we lost track of the importance of beauty in our lives. We need to try and recreate the beauty represented by the Garden of Eden—in our music, our literature, our relationships, our environment, in every aspect of our lives. These are the kinds of things that make us feel good about our lives, and therefore, about ourselves. IX- Develop your mind. Learn about other people of the world who live with different customs and beliefs, and treat those who are different from you with respect. Make lifelong learning an integral part of your life, for the more you know, the less you are likely to abandon your humility. People with a healthy self-esteem are humble. People with low self-esteem are often arrogant and disrespectful of others. X- See yourself as part of a greater whole. You live in a vast universe, filled with beautiful and wonderful things. And you are part of the beauty and the wonder of it all. You are significant, because you are part of something awesome and grand. So, remember that you are unique, build on your strengths, establish your values early on and live by them, use the Ten Commandments as a base, never do something just because everyone else is doing it, respect yourself, use your talents, create beauty in your life, develop your mind, and see yourself as part of a greater whole. This is a guaranteed recipe for the development of self-esteem. Hey Parents ! Feel free to copy this and share them with your children. P.J.
PJ Pokeberry’s
10 Commandments of Self Esteem
10 Commandments